3. Pulau Weh/ Sabang

Pulau Weh offers world class diving due to it’s location of where the Andaman Sea meets the Indian Ocean. This remote paradise  and new frontier is visited by few divers and is off the beaten path. The Indonesian Government has helped preserve Pulah Weh by declaring two areas a marine park, Pulau Weh Marine Park and Iboih Marine Park. The variety of the area is abundant; Jacks, Trevallies, Snapper, Sweetlips, Grouper, Frogfish, Leaf Fish, Dog Tooth Tuna, Turtles, Black Tip Sharks, Eagle Rays, Grey Reef Sharks, Caverns, Wrecks and more.

For great dives in a very chill out surrounding you gotta go to Pulau Weh !


Pulau Weh Aceh map

How To Reach Pulau Weh:

— Daily domestic flights from Jakarta & Medan to Banda Aceh  by Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air.
— International flights from Kuala Lumpur & Pulau Penang (Malaysia) to Banda Aceh by Air Asia and Firefly.
— From Ulee Lheue just 50 minutes by fast ferry or 1,5 hours by car ferry to Balohan.



Coming to this romantic little town is like entering a different time zone with its colonial buildings and unique non – Indonesian atmosphere. Sabang spreads out on the eastern shores of a beautiful bay and up the hills behind. Sabang consists mainly of two parts: The lower town (aka Kota Bawa) and the upper town (aka Kota Atas). Kota Bawa can be divided in 3 parts: The traditional fishermen’s huts along the south shore of the harbour, Pasirian the main street, Jalan Perdagangan with its many shops, restaurants, coffee shops and “Chinese” backstreets, and third the “Kongsi”: The cramped and very lively housing area north of the harbor.

Sabang Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia

Kota Atas has a great view over the bay and stretches all the way to the other side of the peninsula where you can find beaches of Pantai Kasih and Tapak Gajah. This  part of the town is very special with all its colonial houses where once the Dutch lived in grandeur. Not only the colonial buildings give the special character to Sabang but also the all the shady huge trees that were once brought from Suriname (South – America) and planted in the beginning of the 20th century.

The People

The current population of Pulau Weh is approx. 35.000. The majority is concentrated in Sabang, Balohan, Iboih and Anoi Itam while the rest is occupy the plains of the island. The main ethnic groups include Acehnese, Minangkabau, Nias, Batak and Chinese. The official language is Indonesian but for many Acehnese it is a second language. English is spoken mainly in the touristic areas. The dominant religion is islam however churches and buddhist temples can be found on the island. The people of Pulau Weh live in harmony.

Points of interest in town:


Historical Atmosphere

Sabang is full of old  colonial buildings, especially in the upper part of town where both old offices and residences are found. Spend sone time walking around and study the houses. cool down in the waves of Pantai Kasih afterwards in the afternoon. Also the lower part has its interesting buildings, such as the harbor office near the market and the former movie theater.

Merbabu Graveyard

Merbabu graveyard Sabang Pulau Weh

The big graveyard in Kota Atas is well worth a visit. The grave inscriptions are an open book of Sabang’s history. Graves of different religions, different nationalities and different social classes ( incl. a batak king’s daughter)  can be found. Some parts of the graveyard are however a bit overgrown. It’s a 20 minute walk from downtown or just take a taxi.


zwembad Pulau Weh Sabang Aceh Indonesia

A pool built by the Dutch in the 1920’s. It is regularly cleaned and the water is fresh. The pool and the surrounding buildings have not been renovated since the end of the Dutch presence in Indonesia. An old half rusted and unsafe looking glide is still used by local children. The jungle is slowly creeping in. Well worth a visit and  a historic swim. It is a 20 minute walk from downtown. Located in Pasiran, just follow the main street southward out of town and you will find it on the right hand side.

Aneuk Laot

Aneuk Laot means “child of the sea” in Acehnese language. This big lake is a fresh water reservoir. The view over the lake is nice. It was once one of the main reasons to establish a harbor in Pulau Weh.

Aneuk Laot water reservoir Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia


It is a 40 minute walk from downtown. Walk through Pasiran and approx. 300 meters beyond the zwembad you will find the electricity company. take the road to the left. At the next junction,  keep to the right. Further away cross over a soccer field to your left. If you turn left at the last junction and follow the road uphill, you can enjoy a great panorama over the lake with the Sabang bay in the background. There are also Japanses bunkers and tunnels throughout the mountain in this area.



There are several nice beaches in walking distance from the Sabang center. They are all seasonal but still well worth visiting.

Pantai Kasih

The picturesque pantai kasih (in English “love beach”) is just behind Sabang town. A seasonal beach normally characterized by its rolling waves. spending the late (and less hot) afternoon here is popular among the local youth. A place to make local friends. Best between June and November. There is a guesthouse near the beach (please see accomodations in Sabang for futher details).

Tapak Gajah

Tapak Gajah Beach Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia


A short walk down south from Pantai Kasih and you reach Tapak Gajah beach (in English “elephant footstep”). The beach is protected by coral reef and therefor safer for smaller children.

Sumur Tiga

Further south from Tapak Gajah beach and the Ie Meulee village is the tourist frequented Pantai Sumur Tiga (in English “3 well beach”). The sand beach is found below a steep hill and the trees make it more shadowy and less hot. The beach is very good between June and November.

There is opportunity for snorkeling but please bring your own mask. Dolphins have been sighted .


Santai Sumur Tiga (aka Freddie’s)
Casa Nemo
The Point Sabang Resort
Tuna Cafe (Ujung Kareung)

A bit futher down the coast beyond Sumur Tiga is Ujung Kareung with more bungalows. The east coast has some nice sand stretches in between rock formations.

Anoi Itam Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia

The road south is good untill Anoi Itam, a popular place amongst locals on weekends. It has a black sand beach, a big Japanese WWII bunker and reportedly nice corals.


WWII remnants

Japanese bunker Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia

Pulau Weh is known as “the island of a thousand fortresses”. A huge number of Japanese Imperial army – made WWII bunkers are scattered across the  entire island. The bunkers were all build between 1943 – 1944. They used to be connected by tunnels that are now closed for security reasons. On Gunung Batu there is a big bunker with many tunnel entrances.


Pria Laot Waterfall

Pria Laot waterfall Pulau Weh Sabang Aceh Indonesia

The pria laot river has its source in the Sarung Keris mountain – in the middle of the jungle – not far from Pria Laot village. The river turns into the dramatic, multi-tiered waterfall. There you can swim beneath the fall or simply enjoy the atmosphere in the protected forest with many butterflies. The waterfall is located approx. 1 km from Pria Laot village.


DIVELOG • Weh from Wisnu Widjaja on Vimeo.

The visibility, the number of species, the big fish, the clear blue water as well as both the beach and boat diving make Pulau Weh perfect for both experienced divers and beginners. All the big ones have been spotted around Pulau Weh: Mega mouth shark, orca’s, whales, whale sharks, manta ray and sun fish.

Pulau Weh is the place to get a dive certificate. The prices are still very attractive, especially if you also have to rent the equipment. You don’t have to be a full-fledged diver to enjoy the underwater world of Pulau Weh. You don’t even have to go far: Almost everywhere you will find nice snorkeling and you don’t need to compete with other snorkelers about the space. If you snorkel you will probably see hawksbill turtles.

Snorkels and fins are easily available for rent. Underwater camera’s are available for rent at the dive shops. Please note that several dive shops can pick you up at your accomodation in case you happen to staying in an area without a dive shop.


Lumba Lumba Diving Center – Gapang
Monster Divers – Gapang
Rubia Tirta Divers – Iboih
Steffen Sea Sports –  Kincir
Pulau Weh Dive Resort – Kincir
The Pade Dive Resort (Lhong Angen)



The marine life around Pulau Weh is superb on fringing reefs, walls and wrecks. There are over 20 dive sites around Pulau Weh, Pulau Rubiah and other surrounding islands. Many of the dive sites are suitable for all levels of diver but there are also some strong drift dives and some deep decompression dives that are only suitable for experienced divers.

The most talked about sites – Batee Tokong, The Canyon  & Pantee Peunateung  – offer great varieties of coral covered sceneries, abundant marine life & challenging conditions that attract the BIG FISH! Manta rays, requiem sharks, turtles, dolphins, dogtooth tuna, octopus, schools of fish & great barracudas, blankets of hard & soft corals, fields of gorgonian fans, walls, canyons & caves, all with BIODIVERSITY at its best! Plus shipwrecks & stunning landscapes!

An annual plankton bloom usually occurs from December to April, and although visibility can be reduced, the marine activity on the reefs is greatly intensified!

* Batee Dua Gapang and Gapang’s House Reef

If you want to experience a very astonishing view of the marine creatures, diving deep into the water, enjoying the white sands and coral reefs, then Batee Dua Gapang and Gapang’s House Reef is the best place for you. Batee Dua or also called two rocks is one of the best diving adventures that you can experience. It is rich in different species of marine animals which gets you going and explore the underwater ecology. Just get your snorkel and dive into the beauty of Batee Dua Gapang and Gapang’s House Reef.
Living Creatures that you can find in Batee Dua Gapang and Gapang’s House Reef:
• Reef Sharks
• Manta Rays
• Eagle Rays
• Blue-spotted ribbon tail rays
• Blue-spotted Stingrays
• Residential Hawks bill Turtles
• Whale Sharks
• Scorpion and Lion Fishes
• Brown and yellow colored leaf scorpion fishes
• Tri-oocelated Lionfish
• Frog fishes
• Razor Fishes
• Butterfly Fishes
• Red Tooth Trigger Fishes
• Banded Sea Snake
• And Many More
Batee Dua Gapang and Gapang’s House Reef is 30m deep and just on its 14th meter deep, you will actually see the different waving corals including the leather corals. Going further to its deeper portion, you will visualize such wonderful findings on it. Prepare the underwater cameras to capture every single wonderful piece which makes your diving experience to the highest level.
The diving experience according to the veteran divers on this place is good. You can do the usual things plus more convenient because the current on this place is kind of stable. You can dive peacefully at anytime just make sure that you are equipped. The temperature on this diving spot is at the normal level making the divers comfortable and will no longer adjust.


* Limbo Gapang

If you already visited Batee Dua or Gapang Beach, then you shouldn’t miss visiting Limbo Gapang. This fabulous place can be located straight out of Gapang Beach. In fact, just a one or two minute boat ride from Gapang Beach can take you to this wonderful diving spot.
In Limbo Gapang, you can find different marine creatures like:
• Nudibranchs,
• Flatworms
• Mushroom Corals
• Turtles
Limbo Gapang is another extension of Batee Dua rocks, which makes it even more wonderful because of its similar coral house reefs. In some cases, turtles and other fishes from Gapang Beach visit the area, which greatly contributes to the beauty of natural marine life in Limbo Gapang.


* Pantee Aneuk Seuke (The Canyon)

Taking to the Canyon, you have to travel about 25-minute boat ride from the west coast of Pulau Weh. The overpowering rock arrangement and caves are the greatest attraction in this place. Giving a dive to “The Canyon” is an exceptional experience mostly for new divers. You will able to feel the great excitement and amazement especially when you already see different marine creatures. There are uncountable fishes, planktons, sharks, coral reefs, and lot more that can really catch your eye and count it as an unforgettable experience.

* Pantee Ideu

Enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of the reefs and aquatic life around Pantee Idue. It consists of underwater landscape that is a very fantastic scene for divers and enjoys the huge gorgonians, sponge and other big branching corals. Most people say that Pantee Ideu is similar to a big aquarium because of the beauty of the reefs and marine creatures.
Enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of the reefs and aquatic life around Pantee Idue. It consists of underwater landscape that is a very fantastic scene for divers and enjoys the huge gorgonians, sponge and other big branching corals. Most people say that Pantee Ideu is similar to a big aquarium because of the beauty of the reefs and marine creatures.

Pantee Ideu is truly one of the best diving spots that you can go to experience a marvelous oceanic view. Come to see the Napoleon wrasses in the deep water and yellow margined triggerfish in the shallow area. These marine creatures are non aggressive, which makes the divers get closer to the actual creature.

* Pantee Peunateung

Diving Pantee Peunateung, Pulau Weh, Sumatra, Indonesia from Remy Sautaux on Vimeo.

Underwater video of the dive site Pantee Peunateung in Pulau Weh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Edited with footage from 1 dive in 2008. Shot with Canon HV30 in Ikelite housing, Fathom wide angle lens but no red filter.

Located at North South, you will be able to see the wonderful Pantee Peunateung Sea. It is lying from north to south and there is a total excitement when you reach this place. The coral reefs are totally revealed above the water level. People will quickly notice the change of water level. The actual depth of Panatee Peunateung Sea is ranging approximately 30m.
This dive-site has a bottom well beyond the limits of recreational diving.
Start this dive at 25m above the walls and the drop off. Along these slopes we can see school’s of barracudas, big tunas and mackerels and sometimes a school of Devil’s rays cruising above your head. Have a look down to 40m to see big groupers swimming in the massive gorgonian’s fans and school’s of jacks close to the wall.
In the inner part around 15-20m we usually can see a big school of jacks. From 20m bottom to the shore turtle, Napoleon, giant and honeycomb moray, octopi and lobsters are common.
A very beautiful dive-site, but the current could be strong. For intermediate and experienced divers only!

* Rubiah Sea Garden

Rubiah Sea Garden is rich in different sea creatures. For nature lovers as well as the divers, this spot will match up their expectation and desired diving experience. Visitors love this place because of the fantastic nature decorations both on its upper surface and underwater. As a matter of fact, the Rubiah Sea Garden is famous for its abundance of colorful corals that is totally forming a lovely garden.
Another good thing about this diving spot is that you can do the diving activity both day and night. Of course, the diver must have the accessories and equipment needed on what diving they will be doing. From the 10m deep, the divers will excitedly visualize the oceanic paradise and going along deeper, they will see various lovely colorful corals and several sea creatures. On its 13m, you will see the red fluorescent bubbles coming from anemones. Moreover, divers can get use with the rugged terrain slope to reach the big hard corals that is in the 30m deep. On the other hand, with regards to the water temperature, you will find it cool.
Rubiah Sea Garden is open for different kinds of diving. The current are stable and will not harm any concentration that’s why it is rich in sea creatures. It is indeed one of the best diving spots.

* Rubiah Utara

Rubiah Utara is a fantastic dive spot that has a great background view. It is convenient for the divers to undergo their exploration in this place because it has only a mild current. Rubiah Utara is located at the northern part of its self titled island, Rubiah Island. This dive spot is being surrounded by rocks that are most likely giving an outline to its area of responsibility. Consequently, this giving spot’s depth is 30m water level and it is a great depth for coping different water creatures. However, just on its 18m deep, you can already see different beautiful sea creatures like sharks, fusiliers, snappers, butterfly fishes, and giant reefrays. On the other hand, the temperature of its water depends on the season. You will have the best water temperature every summer because it is stable and harmless. Divers are required to wear their precautious equipments before doing the diving so that the safety will always be assured.

* Seulako’s Drift

Experience the Fly while you Dive activity in Seulako’s Drift. It is just near Batee Tokong and it is recognized as another amazing diving spot. The flying while diving activity is schedules mostly when there is a strong currents. Divers find it amazing and thrilling.

* Seulako Cave

* Arus Balee

Arus Balee is a popular dive site located between the islands of Rubiah and Seulako. This Arus Balee is a water passage that has a strong current, making it a fantastic dive site. In addition, this water passage located in the middle of the two islands had also been given a nickname of Acehnese Arus Palee – meaning, an irregular current.
Here are some reasons why people love this place.

The current or waves in Arus Balee are unstable and it is good for diving because they can easily go with the flow. The limited extent of areas in Arus Balee can give the diver an opportunity to have a glimpse to different living sea creatures. Arus Balee is really abundant in sea creatures because the water is clean and clear – this is the greatest reason why people keeps on visiting this place and give a dive to its wonderful marine sites. Additionally, the rocky pinnacle in this place serves as a fantastic enhancement to the entire place.

* Batee Tokong

Diving Batee Tokong (Central Rock), Pulau Weh, Sumatra, Indonesia from Remy Sautaux on Vimeo.

Due to its extraordinary view and ambiance, Batee Tokong became one of the outstanding diving sites over the north. In fact, most of the divers choose this place as one of their favorite diving sites. Batee Tokong can be reached by more or less 20 minutes boat ride from Pulau Weh. The abundance of natural resources as well as the marine creatures is the outstanding feature of Batee Tokong. Many people love visiting this place to see its wonder and explore further.
Overall, this diving spot is really amazing. Visitors will find a great time in spending their diving activities on whatever time they like. The current activity of the Batee Tokong is at the average level that’s why it is safe. Once this place has been explored, people are coming back because the features of this diving spot are really eye catching.


Take note that this diving place requires the diver to be equipped safely with different necessary diving accessories. The water level is not that deep but can still give a pressure since the current is strong. Furthermore, the temperature of the water depends on the season and it is the divers’ duty to know it so that they can match up their attires on what they think they are comfortable with.

* Batee Meuduro

Batee Meuduro pinnacle is located about 1 hour south of Pulau Weh. The isolated pinnacle attracts large schools of pelagics as well as sharks. It is a favourite dive site in the area and has the best visibility.

* Batee Gla (Slippery Rock)

Diving Batee Gla (Slippery Rock), Pulau Weh, Sumatra, Indonesia from Remy Sautaux on Vimeo.

If you are looking for a unique place to swim and to explore, then Batee Gla is one of the best places that you can go. Batee Gla possesses unique and outstanding features that you can’t normally find. One of its finest attractions is the natural under water rock forming ridge, which keeps you floating in the rocks.
Batee Gla or also known as Slippery Rock is famous from its splendid view and wonderful location. It attracted so many customers because of the rock forming ridge and slope that is deep down to more than 40m. The enormous rock formation on its peak contributes a spectacular view to many visitors around the world. In addition to that, Batee Gla offers a past sweeping current that makes you feel like “flying”, when floating over the mountain ridge.
It is also a perfect location to find bumphead parrotfish and a whole bunch of garden eels, here in a shallow end or just about 18m. It is the best spot to view the garden eels poking their heads in the water current. It is indeed that Batee Gla is a must see for anybody who loves ocean and its creatures.

* Lhong Angen and Pantee Gua

Long Angen and Pantee Gua are located at the western side of Palau Weh. The long Angen and Pantee Gua is an underwater elevation that is situated off the sea shores. This diving site is only chosen when other diving sites have strong waves and high pressured currents. Actually, there are numerous diving sites over the Pulau Weh and this Long Angen and Pantee Gua is only chosen when there is none available for safe diving. You can dive in here anytime you want just make sure that you are equipped with safety gears to avoid any unwanted underwater accidents.Many divers believed that this diving spot is one of the safest places, not so deep but is not risky.

* Wreck of “Sophie Rickmers”

The Sophie Rickmers is a 134 m long impressive wreck. During World War II, the Sophie Rickmers was requisitioned by the Dutch. On May 10, 1940 the crew sunk the ship.

Today this huge wreck is the home of giant groupers, giant morays and jacks. . Most special fish to try and remember to notice, is probably the black-spot angelfish (Genicanthus melanospilos). Usually rare to find because of its preference for deeper waters, its fairly abundant on this wreck, if you just dont forget to look for it.

The wreck now lies in 55 of water in Pria Laot bay. This is a deep dive for advanced divers. The wheelhouse is 37 m deep, the decks around 45 m deep. The wreck has some giant groupers and morays, as well as black-spot angelfish.

Also in Pria Laot bay are underwater hot springs where sulphur steam produces bubbles.


 * Tugboat Wreck
Typically, visibility is Good ( 10 – 30 m). The average depth is 14 m / 45.9 ft.


* Sumur Tiga

A perfect place for relaxed drifting over the shallow panoramic coral gardens off Sumur Tiga beach. Suitable for snorkeling and casual diving, an ideal place for beginners. Visitors will get the additional treat of getting to see dolphins on their way to this site. A truly fantastic experience.

Whale sharks

This is perhaps the no. 1 super attraction of Sabang. Take a dive with 7 – 10 meter long unafraid whale sharks and mantarays in the clean harbor of Sabang. Whale sharks normally visit Sabang in the beginning of the year, depending on the plankton growth. This attraction can also be enjoyed at all the beach accomodations however the town is the most convenient place for it.




From this island there are three main dive locations:




Gapang is one of the most visited beaches on Pulau Weh. It has a wide variety of bungalows, from very simple huts to air conditioned/ TV -equipped duplex bungalows. besides diving, snorkeling, swimming and hanging out you can als walk to Gunung Balek. It’s not too far. For seeing flying foxes, waterfall and jungle excursions, just ask in Limbo restaurant.



There are several restaurants directy on the beach. International and Western style food available in all places.


Guesthouse Obama
Agha Hideaway
Gapang Resort
Dang Dang Na Bungalows & Restaurant
Lumba – Lumba Bungalows & Dive Shop
Chephest Bungalows
Vira Bungalow
Jroeh Bungalow
Beringin Bungalow

If you plan to stay a week or two , you can get big discounts. Bargain !



Iboih Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia

Iboih – officially called Teupin Layeu – has more of a packpacker atmosphere than Gapang. Besides diving, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing, the area is also nice for walks – either north to Kincir beach and KM 0 or south along the path to Lhok Weing. Rubiah island opposit Iboih is also worth a visit. There are even a few bungalows on the eastern beach of the island.

It is possible to swim over from Iboih but only if you are a good swimmer. Use fins and remember the current  in the strait can be very strong. Don’t do it alone ! Otherwise, go by boat.

KLKP View Information at the parking lot is owned by a local tourist community group. They arrange boat trips, motorbike  and bicycle rent, snorkeling equipment, etc.

Internet is now available in several places.


Several restaurants and coffee shops can be found around the parking area, overlooking the fishermen’s beach. They serve Indonesian food. Beyond the gate to the bungalow area, several accomodations have their own restaurants. International and Western food is available in all places.


Prices fluctuate very much with the length of your stay. There are also a few bungalows on Pulau Rubiah.

Yulia’s Bungalow & Restaurant
Iboih Inn & Restaurant
O’Ong Bungalows & Restaurant
Olala Cafe & Restaurant
Mama Mia Bungalows & Restaurant
Fatimah Bungalows
Iboih Hill Bungalows
Erick’s Green House
Fina Bungalow
Cut Agam Guesthouse  & Coffee Shop
Jelita Bungalows
Pele’s Ujung Patek Bungalows


Kincir (aka Iboih Long Beach)

Kincir – officially called Teupin Reudeup – is a bay with a beach a couple of kilometers beyond the junction for Iboih beach (Teupin Layeu)  on the way to the KM 0 monument. The area has recently become more popular and nowadays has 2 diver operators and 4 accomodations. Some 100 meters before the beach is the small Tien’s Place in the forest on the rocks above the water and with a view towards Pulau Seulako.  Down at the beach are both are both budget accomodation as well as luxury dive resorts.


Tien’s Place
Pulau Weh Dive Resort
Seulako View Cafe & Bungalows
Steffen Sea Sports Home Stay


Rubiah Island is treasured by snorkelers and divers for its exquisite coral reefs. Its Sea Garden is truly a heaven for coral lovers! The island also has an interesting history as it was used as a place of quarantine for Indonesian Muslims during the Hajj pilgrimage season when traveling to Mecca was possible only by sea. To visit Rubiah Island, you must charter a boat in Iboih.


BALEK GUNUNG (aka Lhong Angen)

On the west coast, just opposite of Gapang is Balek Gunung. There is normally a seasonal beach the first half of the year. Otherwise a rocky coast. A few caves are nearby.

Gua Sarang Balek Gunung Pulau Weh Aceh Indonesia

Goa Sarang can only be reached by swimming or by boat at low tide. Goa Kamprek is 3 small caves a few hundred meters away. A new dive resort has recently opened its doors here.


The Pade Dive Resort


The Zero Kilometer Monument

The 0 km monument is located in Iboih’s  Ujung Ba’u village, about 5 km from Iboih and 29 km West of Sabang. The monument was build on the spot where Indonesia begins from a West to East perspective. It’s built on the edge of a 22,5 meter high cliff, overlooking the Indian Ocean. In Indonesian language it’s called Nol Kilometer Monument and it has the national symbol of the garuda bird engraved on it. The monument is built in a cylinder shape: 22.5 meters high and 15×15 meters in diameter.

Ujung Ba’u is the northern most point of Pulau Weh. The whole peninsula is a 1.300 hectare protected forest. It’s southern border is close to Iboih. Coming from Sabang – after the turn-off to Iboih – the road continues to through the forest all the way to the 0 km point. The road is small and perfect for a walk or a bicycle ride. There is a big change to encounter either monkeys, wild boars, reptiles and to spot nice birds, such as the Nicobar Pigeon.

The point is called the zero point of Indonesia…..where Indonesia starts.


Hot Sulfur Spring

Small hot sulfur springs can be found on the stoney beach in Pria Laot bay. take public  transportation to Paya Seunara and please inform the driver where you are going. Approx. 3 km after the turn off to the waterfall, walk down the beach and turn left. walk along the beach.

WARNING: People have been burnt by accidentally stepping into holes filled with boiling mud or water. Watch your step !!



The volcano of Pulau Weh is very small, approx. the size of an anthill and with smoke coming out of it. Go to Jaboi and turn  left after the village. follow the road untill you are in the highest area. walk 200 m on the path to the right. It can be difficult to find the path but you normall smell the sulfur fumes.
Warm Water Spring

In Keunekai near Pasir Putih beach there is a small pool fed from a warm water spring. Nice for a relaxing bath. When you come down to Keunekai, turn leftand you will rach the warm water spring. You can see it from the road. The road to the right leads to Pasir Putih and Bango. A motorbike is recommended.


Boat Trips

Pulau Weh is an island and boats are a natural alternative. Speedboats and other slower boats are available for charter. Trips can be made between Iboih and Pulau Rubiah. Ask around for other alternative trips like going to Goa Sarang in Lhong Angen, around the Sabang bay, spotting dolphins in Sumur Tiga, etc. If enough people join, the price per person is still managable.


Bicycle/ Motorcycle Trips

Bicycles are hard to come by in Pulau Weh. But if you do, Pulau Weh is great for biking. Steep hills make you sweat up hill and despair when going down hill. The roads are almost scenic and the traffic very low. You will definitely enjoy the friendliness of the locals in small villages and lone homesteads along the road.


Motorbikes are easy to find and a day or two for going around is really recommended. The road over the mountain to Gapang and Iboih has great scenery and lots of monkeys. The road up to Ujung Ba’u village in the north is very special. The road down the west coast past Anoi Itam follows the sea. Far south you cross over the mountains to Baloban. The road down to Balohan is extremely steep and can be dangerous. Use a road map and try the lesser roads.


Car Trips

Minibuses connect Sabang with Balohan and other villages in between and nearby. They can also be used as local transportation in Sabang town as they circle around looking for passengers. Just as the driver if he can take you where you want to go. Minibuses, pick-up trucks and taxis can – of course – be chartered per trip, day or  per hour. The informal pick-up truck terminal is at the market in front of the post office.

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